Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dairy Allergy

After Baby Girl threw up breastmilk mixed with a fair amount of blood last Thursday, we took her into the Dr the next day to be tested for a dairy allergy/intolerance(per the nurse practitioners request).


That explains Baby Girl's weight problems, her fussiness, gas issues,etc.  Poor thing.  And the idiotic part is that all our other bio kids had the same issues and had to be on soy formula.  So you would think the Dr or me would have realized this possibility.  With the other kids though the warning sign of dairy issues was massive spitting up.  Baby Girl didn't have that so it didn't cross my mind. Plus
I am nursing so I though breast milk would be ok I guess.

But like with drinking cows milk, everything the cow eats passes into it's milk.  That's why it's important to eat organic cheese/yogurt/milk etc.  Otherwise you are getting all those awesome antibiotics(that are causing antibiotic resistance and super bugs) and GMO feed.  Yum.

So now I am dairy free.

And you think dairy- milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, right?

Oh no, there is so much more that contains dairy products that you would never guess or doesn't immediately come to mind:

  • breads/rolls/flatbreads
  • chicken stock
  • candy
  • french fries
  • anything with a batter on it
  • soups
  • lunch meat
  • sausage patties
  • hash browns
  • dressings/sauces
You will find some of those products listed above can be found dairy free but you have to be watchful because some brands contain dairy. And you have to be vigilant for whey also which comes from milk.The good thing is that companies are required to state on their packaging if it contains milk products.

I had to nibble the bread at communion last night because I didn't know the ingredients.

The good news is I have lost 3lbs in 8 days!  It's no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  And even though I bake with natural sugars at home(maple syrup/honey), I find it hard to resist refined sugar in the form of candy bars, doughnuts,cupcakes and cookies. Yep, I am human.

But ALL those sweets have dairy.  I can probably sub some of the ingredients out(like milk or almond milk, butter for applesauce, etc), but haven't gotten to doing that yet.

We have also been eating vegan meals.  Meaning no meat or animal by products(dairy/eggs, though we are more lenient with eggs).  We didn't eat meat too much before anyhow. We mainly used it to season our food, not as the main star.

After watching Forks Over Knives about a month ago, we started cutting back on dairy products and cut out meat at our dinners at home.  The statistics and human results in this video are startling.  If you're not a fan of cancer or heart attacks/strokes, then you need to watch this movie. It's free on netflix or you can rent it for 2.99 on Amazon.

But with the dairy allergy/intolerance diagnosis I have been more strict at our dinners and for myself at other meals.

I miss pizza the most.  That's gonna be the first thing I eat when Baby Girl is weaned(at a year old)!!  

I have found some good recipes on pinterest though along with and her book

The Hubby was highly skeptical of eating meat free but has been surprised.  We have had some hits and misses and some things that showed promise that I will do differently the next time to improve it.

We haven't sworn off meat entirely but the more we can cut out the better.  Same with dairy( again, watch Forks Over Knives!! Mind blowing.).  

Could we get into an accident and all die tomorrow?  Yep.  But I'll have done everything in my power to help us all live longer, healthier lives.  I can sleep better at night knowing that.

It does take a few weeks for the dairy to completely be eliminated from my system.  So I am excited to see how Baby Girl changes after that point.  

After passing up donuts this morning I told the kids that if when Baby Girl grows up and if she ever questions my love her, remind of her of all this!  ;)

And who knows, by time I wean her, I may be a size 0! lol

I pray everyone has a blessed Easter too!  I feel like I am giving up so much by doing away with dairy and yet Jesus gave up his entire life for me( and you!) in the most brutal fashion at that. 

 Reality check.

Many Blessings,
The Mama


Thursday, April 2, 2015

IT Has Happened. *Dun. Dun, Dun*

It has been a rough week here.  We had some dishes melt in the oven, Little Miss was throwing up one morning, our pocket door got pulled out too far and was stuck in the middle, we found out our dishwasher would be a couple hundred to fix, Little Miss has been having some mega meltdowns, we're are trying to finish painting our foyer and upstairs hall and there was more but I can't recall at the moment.  My mom did fall down our stairs too while over the other night helping to paint.  No one is immune it seems.

But to make everything worse...

has happened.

The thing I have been dreading for the last 2 years when I realized

was coming. 

One day.


Princess, who needs help showering,dressing and toileting, has started her period.

Doesn't her body know that her inner age is really that of a toddler/pre-schooler???

Obviously not.

That is the life of caring for a special needs child whose body is growing up faster then their brain though I guess. I use to think that parents of kids who had severe disabilities(wheelchair/bed bound) who had their daughter's ovaries removed to prevent ovulation was extreme.  But I get it now.  

We also have a showing Tuesday which is good news but we have a lot to do to put this house back together.  I am also wanting to paint the bathroom walls, cabinets, medicine cabinet and switch out the vanity lights ans faucet.  Hope we can get it done!

As soon as the Foyer is put back together I'll post before and after pics too.  If all goes as planned with the bath I will do the same for that too.

Oh I need to repaint the porch floor too.

Pray we have no more hurdles as we have had the past few days.  

*Half an hour after I posted this I walked out into the kitchen to water all over the floor.  Our dishwasher is now leaking which wasn't even the issue we were having with it. 
 Glad we decided to just replace it though!

Thanks and Many Blessings,

The Mama

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Foyer Redo Part 1

This is what we are in the middle of today. Yay.

Bye-bye wallpaper!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby Girl Monthly Pictures

Just wanted to quick share Baby Girl's pictures.  We missed her 1 month ones =(  

Her bottom isn't as chunky as it looks in her 3 month photo!  She was just finally big enough to start wearing her cloth diapers ;)

Many Blessings
The Mama

Monday, March 9, 2015


We're still plugging along here despite the lack of blog posts.  We've had two showings the past week and one back in January. The last two families were very interested and both took offer papers.  But neither had bank approval and that has been a main issue in the past for us.  People want the house but then go to the bank and find they can't get financing or enough financing.

We've also been doing some home improvements such as swapping out a ceiling fan in the foyer for this beauty:

  I really want to take down the wallpaper you see there in the foyer but it's so time consuming and I am lucky to have an hour or so between feedings with Baby Girl.  Finding time to shower is still considered an accomplishment for me at this stage.  

We are giving the bathroom a face lift also. Taking out the medicine cabinet and vanity lighting and refinishing the cabinets.  Got another paint color in mind for the walls too.  I will post pics when it's all done.

That's all I got time for now.  We are heading off to a viewing for yet someone else who died before their time.  44 years young with kids still in school.  Please pray for his family. 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do You Judge What Others Eat?

My motto since adopting is that you don't have to understand our choices or all the issues that come with adoption, I just ask that you respect our decisions.  Trust that WE know all the issues and we know what is best.  

This motto has applied to several issues in life through out the years, including our food choices.

I try very hard not to judge what others eat( though I do admit I worry) but for some reason because we choose to eat organic and non processed, it seems like everyone has the right to judge us. I do, however, judge the food industry and the gov't  that allows our food supply to be doused with toxic herbicides and pesticides, filled with chemicals manufactured in a science lab and laden with ecoli.

This blog post hits the nail on the head about the issue and the unfortunate incident that caused this mom to write it-

Defending My Daughter's Special Diet

Defending My Daughter's Diet
By Eden Strong
I dropped my daughter off at her friend’s birthday party and before I left, handed the friend’s mom a gluten-free cupcake. “Thanks so much for the invite!” I said. “My daughter’s on a special diet and she knows not to eat anything while she’s here, but if you could just give her this cupcake when you guys have cake that would be fabulous.”
The mom looked at me as if I’d just told her that my kid only eats fertilizer and would she mind ordering some for the party. Oh sure, no problem,” she said with one eyebrow raised and the corner of her mouth twisted upwards to convey her disgust.

Later, when I arrived to pick my daughter up, the kids were still in the midst of eating their cake so I stood outside the party room with the other parents as we waited for them to finish. The birthday girl’s mom stuck her head out the door and offered us all a slice saying, “The kids filled up on pizza and one little girl’s mom has her on a weird diet so there’s a ton of cake left.” In response, the other parents mumbled, “Some people just need to lighten up; it’s a party.” They laughed and talked amongst themselves - amongst ME - about how ridiculous it is that some parents feel the need to be all high-and-mighty with their “organic this and organic that.” One mom even expressed sadness that there was a child who was “missing out on the fun” and they all agreed they’d never want to willingly make their child feel different.

Here’s the backstory: For medical reasons, my daughter’s on a special diet. To add to that, I’ve chosen to limit and diversify her diet in other ways that I feel are important for reasons I don’t feel the need to explain. Certainly, I don’t expect anyone to cater to her dietary needs or go out of their way to accommodate her, but I DO expect to be respected for the ways that I choose to feed my child.
I’m sick and tired of other parents telling me to just “loosen up, she’s a kid!” I’m tired of catching the stink eye from people when I pack my a daughter a lunch full of things most kids can’t recognize. I’m over people making me feel like I’m ruining my daughter’s childhood because I limit her from certain things. What is wrong with me feeding my kid what I feel is best for her?  When I see parents feeding their kids Happy Meals and ingredients I believe can cause pretty significant health issues, it’s hard for me to understand why they’d willingly fill their kids up with processed garbage and pretend it’s actually food. I look at your kids and I fear our future rising healthcare costs as well as the unhealthy spouse my child may one day marry. So while you’re cringing because my kid’s not eating a cupcake, I’m cringing because yours is.

You know what, though? I’ve realized that it’s not my place to pass judgment on what you’re feeding your child because your child doesn’t belong to me. I understand that you as a parent have made choices that you feel are the best thing for your family. I trust that you as a parent love your child just as much as I love mine and that you’re doing what you feel is best for them. And while I’m not proud to admit I sometimes form internal judgments (admit it, we all do) I realize it’s not within my rights to let those judgments slip outside my consciousness.
The way that I feed my child is not a problem. The REAL problem is that you have a problem with something that’s NOT your problem. Yes, you with your judgmental eyes, snippy comments, and unwanted opinions. YOU are forcing social stigmas on my child and I do have a problem with that. If you as the grown-up were to simply accept what my child was eating, so would your kids and so would my daughter. In short: you’re the one reinforcing that my child is different. And yes, maybe she is different, but so is your child. Why is that concept so difficult to comprehend? Different is equal, not necessarily better or worse.

As parents, I hope we can agree that if we want to raise a generation of compassionate and accepting individuals than we need to be teaching our kids those lessons now. We need to remember that the issue is bigger than your opinions about what I feed my child.

And while we’re at it, I’ll feed my kid and you feed yours, okay?
Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Many Blessings,