Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The rains subside

The rain finally stopped yesterday after a week of downpours. The water was laying everywhere. The ground couldn' t absorb anymore. Bug we have beautiful sunny skies today and 80 degree weather! The ground is firmer which is good since we are pulling out today and heading to southern SC for a few days. Awe are stopping by a shop to get our one tire replaced . then it's a 3 hour treck( which means 4 with stops).
The leg after that is proving difficult. With most campgrounds under water in SC and road closures we have to figure out what we want or can do. We are thinking about heading south west to Georgia but we also don't want to catch any of the Appalachians.
The kids are wanting to he
Get to Florida as soon as possible so we. Can stay for a few weeks.
We will see the Biltmore Mansion tomorrow.
Thank you all for the prayers! So glad Joaquin turned out to sea! We had enough rain as it was. The area we left thursday around Williamsburg had water knee deep 12 blocks in from shore.
They are doing more evacuations in Columbia SC because they think the dam will break. Prayers for all the families affected by the floods.
We were worried about the new place we are heading because its right on the SC/NC line. We weren't sure how much rain they got but I talked to our hosts and they only got about an inch and half. Yet 35 miles away from them, is underwater. Crazy.
Out stay with our last hosts,Dick and Carmen, was such a treat! They let us take showers, watch TV and pretty much treat their home as if it were ours. That was especially nice given the bad weather that left us cooped up in the trailer.  We were even able to do our laundry there and Carmen gave the kids some food that first night when we were waiting for the roadside assistance to fix our tire.
OK, our other tire is fixed now and we are hitting the road.
Many blessings
The mama

Friday, October 2, 2015

Could be worse

Left yesterday for nc. Blew a trailer tire. Got to new place late. Van stuck in the mud. Ate supper at midnight. Hosts are so nice. Got a cold. Raining and windy from the stalled front. Glad we came yesteruday. State of emergency. But this area only getting 3-5 compared to a foot in some areas. Could be worse. And today is my mom's bday. Happy birthday!!! We love and miss you!
Many blessings
The mama

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Game Plan?

Joaquin is suppose to become a category 4 tonight, though it is predicted to weaken as it goes north.  The projected path of the storm is still all over the place. Hard to plan when you have no idea what is coming your way.

Besides Joaquin, the east coast here is getting lots of rain and wind from another system. Winds are 10-20 with gusts of 25 today. But the rain is suppose to crank up tomorrow(about 3" by 2pm) and the gusts will be up to 30 mph. I can't tell you how much that kind of wind can push a 39' trailer around on a road.

In those circumstances we would normally stay put and wait for the system to pass.  But waiting in this situation means we might get the effects of a hurricane afterwards.

What to do, what to do?? And when to do it??

We still have not seen any of the things we came here to see.  So do we go do that today and leave tomorrow as planned? Or do we cut our losses and head out today?

I always pray that God puts us where we are suppose to be so I want to make sure we are listening to him and go when he wants us to go and stop when he wants us to stop.

And I think we were suppose to come here, but why?  We have barely left our trailer due to the near constant rain.

Pray for lots of wisdom for us today as we decide whether to leave today or tomorrow.  Also pray that the wind does not gust while we are on the road. It's a longer drive for us(3 1/2 hours) so I hate to think of adverse weather conditions the whole way.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DC Day 1

After NYC I thought I would never live in the city but DC changed my mind.  We couldn't believe the leisurely pace of everyone and how you could walk down the street without bumping into people.

It was so nice!

We also enjoyed the buildings- no huge skyscrapers blotting out the sun and the older architecture was fascinating. There was one area down by the National Zoo that was just lovely. It had a small town feel to it.  Hubby even said as we drove through,"I could totally live here."  Don't worry family, we're not, but just saying that DC changed our mind about city life. I also loved how many things were free!!

We decided to break DC up into 3 days and we could really have used a 4th. We wanted to do DC Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then leave Friday.  But the Pope was in town Tuesday-Thursday(meaning that DC was a madhouse) so we had to extend our stay at the Adventure Bound Campground in Lothian Maryland(great place btw!!) and go to DC on Monday, Friday and Saturday( we actually ended up going Sunday instead).

I checked the forecast and they called for rain on Monday and Saturday so I scheduled museums for those days.  Then I checked a DC map and my list of what we wanted to do/see to see what things were close together.

I also investigated the parking situation.  I learned quite a bit after our Hoboken NJ incident. There is some street parking in DC but if you can find an open space it's only 2 hour parking anyhow.  So I searched for parking garages with a 7ft clearances to save us any issues. We ended up using the Verizon Center's garage.  The only thing was they had an event going that day so we had to be out by 5:30.  Otherwise we would have had to 7pm.

So the 1st day we went to Ford's Theater and Peterson's House,  National Archives, then to the Air and Space Museum and past the U.S. Capitol.

This was our view as we sat down to eat a packed lunch. We had the privilege of sharing some of our food with a homeless man.
Do not fear.  Princess is not choking.  She is just eating with her mouth open.

Air and Space Museum

We let Snuggle Bug, Sissy and Bubba(and Hubby) ride flight simulators.  
They had a blast.  It was pretty affordable too.

Bubba is over 6 foot tall

Missiles-I can't fathom them coming at me.

Charles Lindbergh's plane
Spirit of St Louis

Everywhere we go they are working on iconic sites it seems.
Remember our Niagara Falls experience?
Turns out the Capitol is getting it's 1300 cracks fixed and part of the National Mall is all torn up and blocked off. They are doing something with the lawn.
Personally I think the fact that the Capitol is falling apart is rather symbolic of the state of this country.  But I digress...

The top of the Capitol looks fake doesn't it?

They are also doing work on the Grant Memorial at the foot of the Capitol. 
 It is all wrapped up in the background.

National Archives
The guard there gave us a good tip:
There are no lines to see the documents(Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights).
People think they have to form a line and file in but you don't.
You can mill about as you want.
So that is exactly what we did.
I am sure we got a lot of dirty looks but oh well!

Peterson House across from Ford's Theater where President Lincoln passed away.

Bed that Lincoln died on.

Beautiful, no?

You can get advanced timed tickets online to the Ford's Theatre ( there is a surcharge though) but that is mainly for the busy season so we just got ours at the door for free and got in immediately.

Ford's Theater

Handsome Fellas

The Museum that was attached to the Peterson house was amazing too but we couldn't take pictures inside. However, the Museum part at Ford's Theater is not so good.  It was laid out terribly for the amount of people that go through there.  We couldn't even get into the room where they had Booths gun, his knife, and tons of other stuff.  What a shame.

I hope the rethink the layout  and flow in there.

And here are some pics of us having a campfire last week. Temps were in the 80's at the beginning and then 70's for most of the rest. 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Hurricane Status


Hurricane Joaquin

There is a lull in the rain right now. We are debating whether to change our plans and move farther inland when we leave here Friday.  Not sure. We'll watch the weather closely over the next couple days.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tropical Storm Joaquin

We finished up doing DC and Gettysburg last week and headed to Virginia yesterday.  I'll post about all that tomorrow.

But this quick post is about Tropical Storm Joaquin.  Forecasters are not sure what the track of the storm will be but regardless we will be getting quite a bit of rain from it.  It's already windy today as we are right along the east coast. The  storm affects this areas weather through Sunday. We will be here till Friday and then heading near Raleigh NC after that.  So still the bad weather area unfortunately.

We don't want to be traveling in down pours and high winds(winds could be 65 mph if it tracks near the coast). And we don't want soaked grounds at campgrounds( this campground just has grass sites, which means a muddy mess).

Why are those areas pointing right at us?


Pray that the storm heads way out to the ocean!

We've had to switch out plans around and cut some things out(the beach) due to the rain that is coming.  They say it will start tonight and rain tomorrow.  Then have a little break Weds and then start up again for the entire weekend. Pray they are right so we can do Williamsburg, Jamsetown, Yorktown Thursday.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Voted "The Funnest So Far"

The day after going to NYC we were heading over to Hershey PA. We try to never put excursions back to back but we had to in this case because we were heading to Maryland the following day.

The drive to Hershey was 2 hours and we only planned on doing the free tour.  So I almost thought about scratching the trip. Especially after coming home Tuesday and my legs and feet killing me from all the walking in the city.  Hubby and I both said the next morning that our hips hurt.  We laughed and said that you know you're getting old when you have joint pain lol

We decided to still go though.  The thought of an excursion that didn't require any planning or strategizing seemed great. We slept in and didn't leave till 11am.

I am so glad we went!! The kids voted it their favorite place so far!  It was just plain ole fun, even for a dairy free girl.

We decided to do their 4D movie. It was neat and they did a good job including the kids who attended in the actual movie, but it was over priced. If we could do it over again we would skip this.

Bubba is a chocolate lover and this 5lb bar caught his eye.

Bubba finally decided on this 1 lb Kiss though that he bought with his own money

I even found some bars in this specialty line that were dairy free!!  woo-hoo!!

They also had different fudges,cookies,brownies,candied apples, dipped strawberries,popcorn and so much more

Sissy bought herself a reesse cup pretzel

Hubby tried a resse cup graham cracker confection

Tantalizing Cupcakes

The prices of their bakery items was really good surprisingly.  Their candy was priced regularly too,even some good deals were found.  I thought they might jack prices up but no.  It was fun to see all the stuff they had available.

Main St in Hershey PA-see the street lights? They're shaped like Kisses.

Sissy and Bubba went halves on a pack of 2 of these ginormous peanut butter cups.

The free tour was excellent too!!  My camera died so I didn't get any pictures unfortunately.I did get a few seconds of video though.  It was fun and yet you learned some things too.


I also met a lady named Jamie who had her 1 week old son with her.  We were chatting about breastfeeding(which I was doing while everyone else was eating their treats). Turns out Jamie's husband is in the military and they just moved to PA from San Diego.  She recommended some places to visit in San Diego when we get that way.  Praying for them as they settle in and for protection for her husband. So many stories out there...

Many Blessings,
The Mama